About Modern Manufacturing Co.

Modern Manufacturing Company is

Universal Temporary Locks TM

Our line of versatile locking devices allow you to lock in-swing or out-swing doors prior to delivery of finish hardware, eliminating costly construction locks and upset customers!  

We offer locking devices that mount to ASA, T-Strike, Deadlock, Flush Bolt Strikes and to jambs with no strike preparation.  Some models even function as a permanent auxiliary locking device when used in conjunction with a cylindrical lock set.  

When you need to secure a door for on-site storage, during re-keying operations, or a violated door, we offer a Universal Temporary Lock TM that will get the job done in a matter of seconds.

We developed and have manufactured and distributed these amazing, simple to install, ultra secure temporary locks since 1942.

And we still produce the original and most dependable temporary locking hardware you can find anywhere.

Our locks are made of American steel and have all mounting screws included.

Accept no substitutes.